Looping Games

Editorial de juegos de mesa y cartas.

Santander, España

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In 2013,the mechanical temperance of the author Perepau Llistosella combined with the thematic expressiveness of the illustrator Pedro Soto to create “1911 Amundsen vs Scott”.

The success received by the game encouraged them to repeat in 2016 with a bigger and more ambitious game: “Topoum”. The desire to grow and be able to continue developing their gaming projects continued and that was the moment when Víctor Cerrato and César Cisneros joined in. With the four of them, Looping Games S.L. was born, a publishing house with the simple but complex objective of publishing good games.

We love playing. Enjoying a fun, intellectual and learning challenge with friends. We believe in the need of keeping the flame of analogic games nowdays.

And we love publishing. We like to receive prototypes with rough materials and be able to visualize its potential to become a complete success. We like talking with authors to know their ideas and develop game mechanics, choose the perfect theme to put players into the game, decide about the art and the components inside the box. We love each of these hard work phases.

So we wish to keep publishing more and better games with your help. Follow us in the social media to be aware of what we do, and if we meet in any event, dont hesitate on stopping us by because we will love to meet you.