1916, Europe: The Great War has ravaged the land. Only one fertile ground remains and it is strongly moles?
In Topoum, you control an army of moles that are fighting for control of a piece of fertile land in the middle of the Great War. The moles are well known for their blindness and, for this reason, you'll earn badges (points) if you can form uninterrupted lines of sight between your soldiers.
Topoum features several different types of cards of four categories: combat, movement, expansion and special. Each game is different because you build the playing deck with seven types of cards (+110.000 combinations!).

Topoum: 36€


Topoum: Bratatatata – Expansion Deck I consists of:

- 49 Cards in 7 new types
- 1 Farmer card
- 1 Event card
- 4 Player aids card
- 1 Rulebook

Bratatata 8€

1911 Amundsen vs Scott

In 1911, Roald Amundsen and four companions were the first human beings to stand at the South Pole..
1911 Amundsen vs Scott is an asymmetric game for two players, with both of them trying to be the first to reach the South Pole. On each turn a player can:
A-Collect cards that are face up on the board.
B.Play cards from his hand to advance toward the South Pole.
The first player to reach the South Pole wins. If the deck runs out for the second time, both players are lost in Antarctica and lose the game.

1911 Amundsen vs Scott: 18€

Cartas corregidas / Corrected cards

Lamentablemente las cartas “Prisionero de Guerra” y “Traición” han salido en el juego con el nombre de otra carta,  “Reportero de Guerra”. Mieetras buscamos una solución definitiva, hemos preparado un PDF de cada una para imprimir y colocar en las cartas, si tienes la costumbre de enfundarlas. Lamentamos este error y os recordamos que podeís