Cartas corregidas / Corrected cards

Lamentablemente las cartas “Prisionero de Guerra” y “Traición” han salido en el juego con el nombre de otra carta,  “Reportero de Guerra”.
Mieetras buscamos una solución definitiva, hemos preparado un PDF de cada una para imprimir y colocar en las cartas, si tienes la costumbre de enfundarlas.
Lamentamos este error y os recordamos que podeís contactar con Looping Games para devolver el producto y os abonaríamos el importe.

Unfortunately the “Prisoner of War” and “Betrayal” cards have come in the game with the name of another card, “War Reporter”.
While seeking a definitive solution, we have prepared a PDF of each to print and post in the cards.
We regret this error and we remind you that you can contact Looping Games to return the product and you’d credit the amount.

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      I wa7n8#&21s;t into art either though I love looking at art and I particularly love patterns, fabrics and upholstery. My son isn’t interested in art either; he struggles with his hands and can’t manipulate things in his fingers very well though I have noticed him designing things out of lego on the computer. Maybe the computer offers another way to access art and design?

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      I think it means he wants to have as big of an impact on the country as he can. With him trying to get Abby fired though I do#n28&17;t trust him one bit. He really needs to address his shady actions with Abby and Luke before I support him again.

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